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Connecting Students & Mentors provides a way to bring students and mentors together.  Mentors can be professors, graduate students, postdocs, or lab technicians-- anyone at your school that has a research opportunity for students.

Mentors have research projects and need help

Mentors have all types of research projects and need students to help staff them.  They need a fair and equitable way of informing students about these research opportunities.

Students want to work on research projects

Students would be interested in projects, if they could just find them. Students may need to work on projects for credit, payment, or just because they'd like to learn more.

How does work? makes it easy for mentors and students to connect.

  • Mentors post their projects.
  • Students browse projects and apply for them.
  • Mentors review applications for their projects and find the best matches.
  • The system automatically sends out reminders and notifications when needed to keep everyone on track. uses the Muser® system with its blind review process to reduce implicit biases in the review of applicants.


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